Demoting Jesus

I love the Bible. It continually amazes and inspires. It appeals to the intellectual within me as I dig deep into and peer behind the text, analyzing historical context and theological development. The stories within its pages are full of colorful characters and incredible events. It communicates profound wisdom and richly practical advice. It contains … More Demoting Jesus


Grace, truth, time Lest I forget this need His love be mine The kind inside The kind others see The kind others feel Turn things upside down Turn them inside out Pains implode Heaven explodes In the world In my life As I lay curled Under the blanket Of Your love Recovering from shock Tied … More Mainmast


Presence disembodied And incarnated Within and without Tangible form From belief to reality From reality to faith Realized in imagination Actualized in spirit Light, water, and bread Of Life In Himself and in us