The Depth and the Sky

grey sky

I believe I tow
the line
between chaos and order—
an intricate balance hovering
on a hair’s width.

I could tumble over
and fall endlessly
into an abyss of chance,
laughing in terror….
I gaze skyward
into an infinitely known eternity,
crystallizing like stone.

Yet here I am,
in this delicate, fragile world that
is more real
than heaven or hell—
just on the other side of the veil.

This world spirals around me,
yet a destiny—
any destiny—
rests in my hands.
Even if only for a moment.

Like the blink
of an eye.
I can close them…
or open them up—
to this place
where realities touch.
I can join in creation.
I can finish what I started.
Or begin again.


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