NOAH: A Timeless Tale Timely Brought to the Screen

Gales of contention have been swirling in Christian circles surrounding Darren Aronofsky’s epic rendering of biblical story of Noah. Many criticize the film for its lack of “accuracy” and artistic license taken with the original story as found in Genesis. My heart is heavy for those who refuse to see the film over these quibbles … More NOAH: A Timeless Tale Timely Brought to the Screen


Grace, truth, time Lest I forget this need His love be mine The kind inside The kind others see The kind others feel Turn things upside down Turn them inside out Pains implode Heaven explodes In the world In my life As I lay curled Under the blanket Of Your love Recovering from shock Tied … More Mainmast


Presence disembodied And incarnated Within and without Tangible form From belief to reality From reality to faith Realized in imagination Actualized in spirit Light, water, and bread Of Life In Himself and in us