Windows Aloft

Chasing the sunset Miles above the earth And the fleeing blaze Inches out of reach With mountains of stone Submerged under a sea Of mist And mystery I close my eyes and imagine The deafening silence In the untouchable void Advertisements


  When you were here it was like Thanksgiving with just the right chill in the air Like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone crossing paths on the frontier Like grey hair that makes you timeless instead of just older When you left here it was like Kurt Cobain without the rock n’ roll Like crumpled … More Namesake


Are we curing? A world ill with age Diseases that run beneath our veins Seeping sewage to the surface Of our hands and eyes and lips Soaking the soil that was molded To form our faces Each unique but of one Image- Reflecting- Cracked mirrors Curating a museum of Cracked mirrors Look carefully. Do not … More Curator


Grace, truth, time Lest I forget this need His love be mine The kind inside The kind others see The kind others feel Turn things upside down Turn them inside out Pains implode Heaven explodes In the world In my life As I lay curled Under the blanket Of Your love Recovering from shock Tied … More Mainmast


Presence disembodied And incarnated Within and without Tangible form From belief to reality From reality to faith Realized in imagination Actualized in spirit Light, water, and bread Of Life In Himself and in us